Kuttler has been committed to stringent quality control. We strictly implement ISO9001 quality control system, set up monitoring points at each step to ensure that products meet the quality indicators are quite a number of independent institutions Kuttler recognized the validity of this quality control process. Our products have been successful IEC, TUV and UL certification.

Through the implementation of 5S, lean manufacturing and statistical methods of best practices to continually improve our production efficiency, reduce waste, and continued to make and achieve higher quality requirements.

Kuttler all the employees are convinced that quality and timely delivery is the only source of sustainable competitive edge.

Kuttler‘s own high-tech production line testing can effectively evaluate new materials and equipment to provide our customers with products using the latest technology to achieve maximum customer benefit.



International Security Certification

TUV,CE,UL ensures that our products meet worldwide electrical product safety and fire safety standards.




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