Our commitment to technology and innovation as the driving force, "customer the best partner" as its mission to provide cover hardware, software, a comprehensive solution for customers downstream. In science and technology, focus on new technologies, new product promotion.
It provides the most optimized process design, covering PV & PCB ownership process line equipment (including stand-alone and automated wet process equipment), as well as plant operation (water, electricity, gas, etc.), manufacturing executable system solutions. It can also be based on customer requirements to provide customized solutions.


PV cells: We produce solar energy equipment, structures and procedures in detail, with a unique design, so that the solar cell texturing cleaning, etching and plating edge antireflection coating to achieve the best results.
PV components: solar cells has been completed, will be sent to the assembly plant for assembly. Solar cell module comprising cells connected in series production, lamination, lamination, cutting edge, framing, junction boxes, curing, component testing and other links. We are one of the stacked area, laminated loading and unloading area, framed area, the test area, and so on automation equipment.

Ownership process line equipment

In the PV industry, Cutler solar cells production, cleaning texturing, edge etching and plating Save reflection on the development of the three films and the subsequent step of each process to provide high-quality professional equipment, so that the whole solar cells making processes more refined and standardized, and effectively reduce the loss of resources and bring new energy saving ideas.

Plant operation

Provide plant design, such as water, electricity, gas, and other configuration data layout planning, waste water, emissions, compressed air, nitrogen, etc. pipeline installation.

Automated assembly line

We have two R & D centers in Germany and Suzhou, four laboratories and a number of patented technologies independently process development; combining service team of installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of first-hand information, we constantly improve and update our automated production equipment, so that each process more optimized, faster and more intelligent.

Production executable system

Production automation: equipment and associated control status query can be conducted online at the distal end, reduce maintenance personnel;
Equipment related to the production parameters can be obtained in real time and real-time feedback to the production system, reducing manual entry staff, reduce production line staffing, improve system accuracy of data;
The system can be based on historical data based on APC arithmetic operation to obtain the optimum parameters of current production, and automatically sends a command to modify the parameters of the device, so that the production line is always running at peak performance, improve equipment utilization.
Not only to meet current needs, after adjusting to meet customer demand for comprehensive upgrade in the future.
Cutler by more than three years of hard work and practice, completed the independent development of the MES platform to build, now can officially delivered. This makes Cutler become more than just a technology leader in PV Turnkey solution equipment manufacturers, service providers also offer management solutions.

Chemical recovery Cleaner Production

Recycling HF, HCL, HNO3, NaOH / KOH, H2O, to achieve chemical contaminants "0" emissions. Greatly reducing the amount of chemicals.

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