Our commitment to technology and innovation as the driving force, "customer the best partner" as its mission to provide cover hardware, software, a comprehensive solution for customers downstream. In science and technology, focus on new technologies, new product promotion.
It provides the most optimized process design, covering PV & PCB ownership process line equipment (including stand-alone and automated wet process equipment), as well as plant operation (water, electricity, gas, etc.), manufacturing executable system solutions. It can also be based on customer requirements to provide customized solutions.


PCB wet process: providing each PCB circuit board manufacturing process equipment.
PCB automation: automatic loading and unloading, automatic storage facility, such as full logistics solutions.

Process line equipment

In the PCB industry, 20 years of experience and expertise allows us to become the industry leader. Overall automation and wet process solutions Cutler provided even been cited as a model for the industry.

Automated assembly line

We have two R & D centers in Germany and Suzhou, four laboratories and a number of patented technologies independently process development; combining service team of installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of first-hand information, we constantly improve and update our automated production equipment, so that each process more optimized, faster and more intelligent.

Chemical recovery Cleaner Production

Minimal chemical consumption; full compliance with existing and future increasingly high environmental requirements of relevant laws and regulations to reduce pollutant emissions for the benefit of mankind.

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